We’ve worked for more than 15 years both for international companies and we took some decisions to move to a more sizable business.
Knowing each other for more than 20 years, we build up on our passion, being rebuilding old cars as well as motorcycles (from acquiring a VW Bus when I was 16 to a 1963 11 windows). Indeed 2 wheels became a real inspiration for us.


We are making motorcycles for our friends and us since years, from Bobber, Chopper to “Café racer” !


Our passion for old cars and motorcycles, led us to rebuild them. Our lifestyle grew through great discussions, experiences and influences we were able to share with folks from the same environment.


L'Atelier 1937 - GrenobleThat’s one of the good reason we’ve opened “L’Atelier 1937”, to sell men/women clothes and motorcycles accessories guarantee of an authentic design, faithful to vintage spirit!


L’Atelier 1937 is a clothing store where the 50’s to 70’s mechanical spirit is all over the place.
Thanks to our shop, you can find some niche and authentic brands featuring, RED WINGS, EDWIN, PIKE BROTHERS, KYTONE, GENTLEMEN’S FACTORY, DEUS EX MACHINA, HEDON, A PIECE OF CHIC, FLIBUSTIER, WARSON MOTORS…


Crossing the door, you will find a coffee corner, welcoming you in a cozy atmosphere. You’ll be able to talk about your know-how, experiences, maybe start a new project (cars, motorcycles as well as event …).
Indeed, we promptly organize social events such as concert, tattoo/barber days, motorcycles run, paint expo…


More than a clothing shop, a real lifestyle and spirit emerges from this place.


Come in to discover our world!